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Quality Education the degree of excellence by which teaching community mould the character and personality of students. It is their great responsibility to prepared students for future life and successful career.

Change is the essence of life and moving ahead is the key of development and progress. Seen in this context the global change and progress in all the field of science technology, industry, management demands the new technical method of teaching.

The aim of teacher training is to equip teacher community with new technique of modern teaching method so that students can cope and keep pace with global development more efficiently. trained faculty with new modern technique, new endear, new creativity will be more efficient in producing more academically sound students.

We extended our good wishes to all student teachers.

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Our Inspiration

The scheme of central academy owes it birth to the meticulous efforts and endeavor exercised by the great luminary Late shri T. N. Mishra an educationist and a visionary who mooted the scheme in 1973 , and the schools flourished with its branches in Rajasthan, UP & Bihar and in this series 'Central Academy, Ajmer' was added on 1st April 1988 under the able directorship of Smt. Shobha Suman Mishra. The school also established its branches in Gulabpura & Kekri of Ajmer district.

Central Academy 'Center of Excellence ': Central Academy are pace setting institution spread various part of country with more than 74 branches. These schools provide quality education to the children of all strata of society and main emphasis is laid on the overall development of the children with the highly qualified staff under the guidance of the management and qualified principals, the schools prepare the student from nursery to AISSCE conducted by Rajasthan Board and CBSE Board.

Our Aim is the pursuit of excellence in knowledge and our endeavourer is to help the students realize their full potential. We seek to :-

  • Inculcate in them a sense of values.
  • Encourage them to think for themselves and to choose rightly.
  • To help them to recognize their potential and to nurture their talents.
  • To imbibe in them a sense of self discipline and responsibility.
  • To faster a team spirit and an attribute of tolerance.
  • To help them understand the diversities of society and to create in them a concern and respect for others.
  • To make them aware of unique and rich Indian heritage and create in them the capacity to links the traditional uniqueness to a modern sensibility.Our aim