Since the time ape shed his hair and stood upright, the human kind has been undergoing a continuous process of learning. From the Gurukuls to the schools, the education has played a significance role in the all around development of an individual. Along with this, education has always worked as a catalyst in enhancing the speed of the development of a nation.

To stand exalted in the highly competitive world, resulting from globalization and the ever growing needs of different professions, we instill in our students the traits of honesty, courage, initiative, tolerance, team work, social responsibility, dignity of labour, self-confidence, scientific temper, moral and spiritual awareness. with this, we are inexorably moving towards a new paradigm of education catering to the needs of a new mind extension era.

Central Academy has proposed to open and began CATT college at Pragati Nagar Kotra, with its super infrastructure building providing all possible modern amenities that a student teacher can think of. It will be affiliated with MDS University, Ajmer having endeavored to stand apart amongst the mushroom growth of the petals of learning.

Ms. Shobha Suman Mishra